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Reiki is a hands-on, Japanese relaxation technique that is used for relaxation, stress reduction and healing.  Reiki utilizes the universal life energy that exists in all living things, to balance and align energy pathways (chakras). Reiki benefits include: feeling more relaxed, anxiety reduction, enhanced self awareness and positive feelings. Reiki can also clear feelings or negative attachments that do not serve your highest good. Energetic and emotional imbalance can manifest in the physical body (like when your stomach starts to hurt because you are nervous about giving a speech). Reiki can help to clear the unbalanced energy that is showing up in your life in unwanted ways. 

"When people come to me to receive Reiki, I am mindful to give them any feedback that I feel, intuitively and energetically. I always try to offer practical, positive ways to work on their chakras and keep their energy centers (chakras) in balance."

*Distance Reiki ~ Reiki accesses universal life force energy, and it can transcend time and space. I have clients in many different parts of the world who receive distance reiki services. The results and benefits are still just as impactful as in person reiki. I work with you to arrange a time that works best for your for a full distance session. 

Energy Guidance

I have found that even when someone truly has the desire to change and redirect their energy in a positive way, they may not exactly know or understand how. I provide guidance on how to do this. Sometimes that means how to practice affirmations and positive self talk, or how to use crystals and essential oils or even how to use a singing bowl! Since each human being is different, there is no one size fits all with energy guidance. Each is tailored for the unique individual. I recommend having a reiki session before you begin energy guidance sessions; this allows me to be in tune with your energetic needs.


I am an intuitive empath, which in basic terms means that I am a high feeling, emotional person and that I feel the energies that others are emitting. When I do oracle readings, I use oracle cards to convey a message for the recipient. I connect to my source energy and to the energy of the person I am doing the reading for and bring them the message that they need to know, at that time. I always say that in my oracle readings, "Spirit tells you what you need to know." (Sometimes that is different from what a person comes in wanting to know.)  I intuitively deliver the spirit and source guided message. I also offer channeled readings, which do not use cards. 

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying allows one to travel, in a safe meditative state, to explore a deeper experience and retrieve information. My role is to guide you there, using multiple senses. I utilize drumming music in the shamanic tradition, drums, rattles, and other instruments as well as scents such as essential oils, scented waters and smokes and incense. The purpose of shamanic journeying is to meet a spirit guide that will help you to reveal and uncover answers. No two journeys are alike. I do not use any sort of hallucinogens or substances to facilitate your journey. I do offer a chamomile tea at the start of each journey to help foster deep relaxation. We begin with a discussion about your goals for your journey. Upon return from your journey, we discuss so that I can assist you in deciphering your journey. We then conclude with art that you take home, to allow you to recall the valuable messages that you have received. The service can range from 1.5 to 2 hours.
*This service requires pre-payment in full. I do take appointment requests; just send me an email. This service is available in Leavenworth Wed~Sat and in Kansas City on Mondays.


I offer workshops on subjects like affirmations, using the Law of Attraction, Mindset shift, meditation and energy awareness. My workshops can be offered in groups.

*I am also available for company events for workshop and reiki services.

Goddess Circles

Goddess Circles are a great way to bring women together for sisterhood, intention, empowerment and fun.  I am available to lead a Goddess Circle for you. It is a great, fun and meaningful way to get ladies together. Makes a great Ladies Night! We will work together on your theme of choice and vision. Contact me for details and rates.



Girl, you are the MAGICAL one. Your ability to read me through all of my walls and as blocked as I may come off is AMAZING!! Your sessions are exactly what I need on my continuous journey of self healing. Thank you for all that you do. 🖤



*Reiki Session (50 minutes)  $55

*Oracle Reading  (30 minutes) $30

*Energy Guidance Session (30 minutes) $25

*Channeled Reading (30 minutes) $40

*Reiki & Energy Guidance (75 minutes) $75

*Shamanic Journey (2hrs) $100 (prepay required)


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